About Me

Hi! My name is Eleanor and I am a sophomore in college! When I am not on the lacrosse field, you can find me in the gym, grabbing a green juice, catching up on the latest edition of Vogue, or hanging out with all my crazy roommates.

My blog is going to focus on one realllly important thing that we all love- food. My friends and I throughout our time here have figured out a few ways to “work” the cafeteria and other places to eat on campus, to make things feel a little more like home, and a little less like school food. This blog will feature some of our favorite tips and recipes for smart eating while at school.

As a student athlete I have always been super health conscious about what I eat, so that I can feel and perform my best both in school and on the field. When you get to college or have to live on your own and cook your own meals, it can sometimes be difficult to think of creative ways to cook under a budget or given only a certain amount of ingredients, while making nutritious decisions. I hope to inspire easy, healthy, and unique ways to manipulate whatever eating situation you may see yourself in through these posts!


a picture of me at one of my favorite places in New York, Dominique Ansel Bakery!