Breakfast Bowls, 3 Ways!

I think we all can agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is also just one of my favorite meals in general! This year a pretty popular breakfast item has been the “bowls” whether it is the açai bowl from a hip local spot, smoothies with toppings, or crazy yogurts… I have seen them everywhere.

The great thing about bowls is that you can customize them to be filled with whatever combinations of ingredients you want. And the best part is that most of these ingredients can be found in a school cafeteria. While most schools do not have the luxury of having açai as an option, many other standard fruits, grains, and juices are available. If you love smoothies like I do, then there are tons of fruit combinations that taste great. When it’s colder out, I go for something warm, so the oatmeal bowl usually does the trick. Another everyday option is yogurt- simple, easy, healthy.

BUT the most important (and fun) part of these bowls are the toppings you decide on! Most schools have these hidden around the different sections within the cafeteria. Looking for seeds for a smoothie bowl- check out the salad bar! If you wanted to add almond milk to your oatmeal- look for a special dietary section, and I bet there are other variations of milk. The day I found that little fridge in our school cafeteria that hid the soy and almond milk was a great day! Another place to look for a special ingredient is near a tea/coffee station, where local honey could be hiding.

Here are a few of my favorite combinations for these breakfast bowls!


Happy hunting!



One response to “Breakfast Bowls, 3 Ways!

  1. I love your blog because it takes something we are all familiar with, and teaches us something new. I for one, always find myself eating the same thing every single day in the caf and just reading about how other people creatively utilize it makes me want to branch out. I especially like how you have the photo shop for the breakfast bowls at the end. That clear and simple visual makes me want to try one of those combinations and makes it very simple for the reader. You also photoshopped it so professionally, it looks amazing.


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