An Interview: Alexis!



I think getting other people’s perspectives on eating in the cafeteria is important, because we all have different preferences and tricks when it comes to meals! My friends and I eat most of our meals together and it is always interesting to see what people choose on their plates. One of my friends Alexis shares her tricks and tips to creative cafeteria eating!

  1. How often do you eat in the cafeteria?

           Usually one or two times a day- depending on what they have.

2. What is your favorite meal the cafeteria makes?

         My favorite meal is probably any of the roasted vegetables like cauliflower alongside the   chicken schwarma and pita.

3. Do you think the cafeteria has a good variety of options for people?

        Depends. I like the salad bar and grain bar, but they repeat the meals throughout the month so there is not too too much variety.

4. In what ways do you think people can enhance their experience in the cafeteria?

          You have to be creative sometimes and see what they have. I go to the grain bar and love when they have quinoa or couscous, and then I usually put the sauce they have there on top.

5. Do you have any special tips or tricks that you do in the caf?

          Find special ingredients! They have almond milk that is a good thing to use for different     meals. Also just using ingredeints from various stations, like taking hummus from the deli and then veggies from the salad bar to make a nice snack is something I like to do.  

6. What is your favorite seasonal fruit right now?

           Apple! I usually have two a day.

7. What is your favorite thing to do with it in the cafeteria?

           I usually just slice it and eat it with peanut butter and granola. But sometimes for dessert I will slice an apple up, put it in the microwave, and then add cinnamon, granola, and a little whipped cream to make a version of an apple pie.

I like how she uses the apples in a new way to make a version of an apple pie! I found a few links to make-shift pies and desserts that use apple, especially because they are delicious in season (here), (here), and (here)!

I really enjoyed listening to how she uses the cafeteria. While she is one of my close friends who I eat with often, I never payed too much attention to the specificity of what she choses. I think interviewing and getting other perspectives helps further my reach on this blog, maybe you or some other reader relates more to her eating style! Stay tuned for more interviews and perspectives, so that we all can help “hack” the cafeteria in all our own ways, but all collected here in one spot!



3 responses to “An Interview: Alexis!

  1. I love this blog, I have learned a few things that I am definitely going to try… like this apple pie thing!! I like how you got Alexis’ perspective on caf and that it was very honest, not sugar coated. I think you organize your thoughts and examples really well in this post but also throughout your blog, it makes it very interesting and easy to read. I think a lot of students on campus should read your blog and learn a few things because the caf can get very repetitive from time to time and you can always learn new things.
    At the beginning of this semester a friend of mine made this strange quesadilla and taught me how to make it and it changed my life. It is now something I frequently make when I find nothing else I want to eat. It is a typical tortilla with a piece of american cheese, chicken, spinach, tomato, onion, cheese, and sunflower seeds. You put it on the panini maker and then take a sauce bowl and mix ranch and a little bit of soy sauce as a dipping sauce for the quesadilla. It will change your life.


  2. First of all, I LOVE your theme! It totally fits your blog style and your personality. And I really like this interview style, especially how you bookended the post with pictures of the interviewee, Alexis. The pictures let a bit of her personality shine through, and it helps me imagine what her voice might sound like. I appreciate how you kept this interview authentic and focused on the positives. Awesome post!


  3. First of all, her apple pie hack is insane and I’m eating it every day forever now. I really love the layout of your blog and how well it connects to the theme you’re writing. The pictures worked well with this post, and I liked the way you laid out the interview by differentiating the text type. Nice job!


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