an intro: my favorite caf foods

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graphic by Eleanor Kaestner

Welcome! As I begin this “blogging journey” through different dining options on campus, I think sharing with you my favorite meal would be a good start. The idea of a college cafeteria can be a scary thought filled with the image of unhealthy, greasy meals being slopped onto trays. However, many cafeterias’ today have a wide variety of options that are healthy, fresh, and if put together creatively- delicious.

While this graphic’s rustic wood table and checkered tablecloth do not scream “cafeteria,” the food is 100% served there. To start off, the roasted cauliflower with drizzled olive oil is a tasty side to go along with the rest of my dinner. Grilled chicken is so simple, but tastes great with just the right seasoning. Getting a green in is always smart, so I always go for the farm fresh spring mix. And last but not least, for dessert I love getting a rice cake with peanut butter, sliced banana, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Some of my friends will be super adventurous and add M&M’s, Nutella, and even honey on top of theirs. I like to keep mine simple. Annddddd that’s it– a healthy & fresh dinner from the lovely cafeteria.

While my posts are going to revolve around food, they are not just going to tell you about them like this post did, they are going to show you how to creatively manipulate different dining options when your favorite meal is not being served, or you think there is nothing good to eat. Some things I want to feature are using different appliances in ways you wouldn’t think to use them, picking out the best in season foods, and places to look for special ingredients, all as a way to unlock your own version of a “secret menu,” kinda like Starbucks, but without the gold card membership and star rewards.

I chose to focus on a food blog because while I love food, I also believe that a healthy body does actually lead to a healthy mind, which being in college, is super important to all of us. I hope these posts will help offer new ways to think about how you utilize dining on campus for a more exciting way to eat throughout the year!


One response to “an intro: my favorite caf foods

  1. Eleanor,
    Great post! You’re right, eating in the cafeteria can be sometimes not the most delightful experience, but it has a lot to offer in which you can have some nice and healthy meals. I really like how you write out what your favorite meal is to give people some good ideas! Especially the rice cakes, I enjoy those as well. Keep up the good work!


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